Data mining or data exploration is a very broad field that uses methods of artificial intelligence, statistics, among others. Through our own SEO / SEM algorithm, and through APIs, we use Google Analytics ™ not only to know how many visits came to your website, but also to use regression and projection models to improve the performance of your SEM campaigns and SEO strategy.

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They show which parts of your website perform well and which pages are most popular in order to create a better experience for your customers. It keeps track of how many customers it attracts, how much it sells and how they are involved with your site with analytics functions.

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We can measure the success of your advertising programs for social networks. As well as analyze the interaction of the visitors with the functions to share on your site. We measure the impact of mobile devices in your company. Also, if you create mobile applications.

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We link your Google Ads (before Google Adwords ™) account with Google Analytics ™ to measure and control website activity with your Google Adwords ™ marketing campaigns to get a complete and improved perspective of your advertising performance.



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