Not long ago and with studies of 'traditional' marketing under the arm we decided to embark on an adventure towards 'digital' marketing. Without Google or Facebook - which for many is 'internet', we work with Yahoo !, DMOZ and Overture. We met Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan, and we witnessed the birth of Bing. We read the book of 'WebPosition Gold' and we even saw Google born with the results of Yahoo !. The years have not passed in vain, and so have the children; we do not stop being curious about this digital world.

About Digital Marketing Agency



We learned that the digital world is completely unknown to many, and even worse; that some pseudo-agencies have tried to sell the online marketing service in an incorrect way, guaranteeing results but above all sales. And as the days go by, months nothing happens. At this point we find many independent professionals, companies. With a high degree of mistrust and a lot of money thrown into the garbage dump. With two or three websites made and paid campaigns without clear, concrete results. Our commitment not only as professionals but as responsible people; transparency in any management.





Known as @seocharlie by many people, pioneer in the topic of 'SEO' in Costa Rica. For many years giving talks in several cities of Latam and Europe, born entrepreneur, with personal projects in several verticals (one of them a success case in Google inclusive). Passionate about attention to detail, not only in the 'SEO' but in the whole management of online marketing.


Back Office

Back office roles are important because they are the backbone of a company. When back-office operations run smoothly, the business sets itself up for success. It also increases productivity and helps keep costs down. For over 15 years, Sussan has been responsible for making this happen.


Web Analyst

Known as 'Jeff' and with extensive experience in data management (in fact it was one of the first certificates in Google Analytics ™ of Costa Rica) it is clear that everything is possible as long as the data so demonstrate. Dedicated family father and loyal to his friends, carefully cautious with the management of client budgets in order to optimize every penny. Ex-Intel and Britt, Jeff eats and breathes data.



Software development using newest technologies, design patterns and best practices. Website speed optimization and data analysis through Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to improve websites performance and domain positioning. Strong knowledge of Linux platform (server administration, configuration and optimization), scripts automation, server security and cloud services.


Graphic Design

Designing with passion and detail, Yoselín can understand abstract ideas to turn her lines into pure art. Passionate about public education (graduated from UCR) and with many desires to make illustrations and unique but above all special designs. She is responsible for the graphics for many new projects, where design comes to life.


We had a great experience with the MEL team, because they really know what digital marketing is about.

Rob Jungel

Safari Inc.

Few digital marketing agencies provide a comprehensive service, we thought that MEL knows all areas of digital marketing, so we recommend it.

James Smith


MEL is an agency that provides confidence. Really the experience is visualized in the results obtained either organic traffic or paid campaigns.

Silvia Hütt

Marshal Latam

Knowing digital marketing when you run a company is complex. You never have time to learn unless your provider really educates you on the subject. MEL is undoubtedly the company that collaborates with this.

Melisa Jarquin


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